About Savage Gods

Savage Gods is…
… the seed for the most fantastic adventures, in mystical wild forests or on storm-tossed mountain tops with mischievous, benevolent and sometimes wrathful gods.
... a whole cosmos full of magic, mysteries and curiosities, different cultures and creatures, exciting stories and destinies.
... the spark of inspiration that fires the imagination of those who are willing to engage in our roleplaying game.
.... the foundation of our game universe, which is the starting point for our games and products at lyniat.games.

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Paths of Savage Gods is the toolbox of the modern Dungeon Master. In leading pen & paper events, Dungeon Masters have to read through thick books, prepare an adventure, set up the playing field and much more. With the tools of Path of Savage Gods, much of this is done with a snap of a finger.

A lot of content (yes, even whole worlds and quests!) can be generated randomly and adjusted as desired. Paths of Savage Gods is also compatible to most (especially the most famous representatives) of the roleplaying systems. Our motto: Less organizing – More playing!

What PoSG creates and displays:

  • Maps (zoom from the world view into the dungeon)
  • Structures
  • Creatures
  • Non-Player Characters (NPCs)
  • Objects
  • Lore
  • Quests & Story

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We are a young startup located at TechBase Regensburg. We are currently developing our own XR business software and would like to provide customers our service of development.

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